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In the year 1949, One single man Hafizur Rehman started Pioneer Civil Engineering Instruments Works in the city of Roorkee, Uttrakhand. The factory was then located to the small suburb of Roorkee in 1955 and named as Sunrays Optical & Instruments Corp. The man has given 100’s of engineering instruments to IIT Roorkee, Local Indian big survey industries and suppliers across India.

Later Sunrays was renamed as Nautical Exclusives Hub India in 2013 expanding its business in field of export regarding Vitreous enamel signs reproduction and Nautical and other customized gifts and décor reproduction giving the best quality to its overseas buyers across the globe. The pioneer behind this is Mr. Hafizur Rehman.

Suhail Rehman

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Vitreous enameling coating process is an environment-friendly, which provides durable functional and esthetical properties to a wide range of industrial & consumer products, usually manufactured of mild steel, aluminum, cast iron and sometimes of stainless steel or copper. Alternative names for vitreous enamel are porcelain enamel, metal enamel or glass-lining.

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